Tryanuary 2019 – What It’s All About

We are midway through that dreaded month for pubs and bars around the country.

January. The month where people are all spent out after Christmas and New Year partying, many are on health kicks and some embrace Dry January – giving up booze for the first month of the year.


While it’s entirely your choice how you spend your money and whether you have a drink or not, we like to back a different campaign – Tryanuary.

Tryanuary is a campaign which has been running since 2015 with the sole aim of promoting the beer industry throughout January.

The campaign aims to encourage people to go out and try beers they haven’t tried before, perhaps in a pub or a bar or a bottle shop they haven’t previously ventured in to.

This is a campaign that Liquor Trips can get behind for several reasons:

  1. We know we can commit better to drinking than we can to not drinking.
  2. We hate to see our pubs and bars and breweries suffer. They’ve had a rough enough time as it is over the last decade.
  3. It’s for charity too! Raising money for The Benevolent, the drinks industry charity.

You don’t have to try a new beer EVERY SINGLE DAY (although we can totally get behind that). Maybe try a style you haven’t tried before – and there are so many different styles that there has to be something for everyone out there. Visit a boozer you haven’t been in to before or rarely visit and try whatever they have one. Take a trip to a new brewery (or a brewery that’s new to you). However you want to get involved is fine by us.

Liquor Trips has been involved in Tryanuary this year in as much as we have been manning the Twitter account for Worcestershire (follow us @TryWorcs), sharing various events and offers as venues and breweries around the county take part. However, we joined towards the end of 2018 and haven’t had time to really get stuck in and do anything particularly special.

However (should they have us back) we would love to do more for Worcestershire next year. If you are a county-based pub, bar, brewery (or something else beer related) then please get in touch if you want to be part of Tryanuary 2020 – you can message us on Facebook (search us – Liquor Trips) or email us on

If you are taking part this year and want to send us any events or pictures for promotion or a round up, then please do!

Meanwhile events are continuing in Worcestershire and up and down the country. See the national Tryanuary Twitter page for these. Hop Lord Bottleshop and Taproom in Worcester city centre are having offers on selected beers – they will choose a new beer each day and if you purchase that beer in store you will get 20% off it! Firefly are having weekend deals on cask ales. The Fleece Inn in Bretforton are putting on a few new beers for you to try throughout the month, and the Hop Shed in Suckley is using some hops they’ve never used before in to the mix for a new beer!

To find out more about the campaign generally, visit


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